Monday, September 22, 2008

Denali Park House

Twenty five years ago we built a log home in Denali Park, AK. Over the years, many people have rented the place, and it has been a great home to all. It was showing signs of age, so this summer I traveled north 0n several weekends and did maintenance to the place, getting it ready for sale. The photo above shows the driveway from the garage and the home in the trees.

A view from the front of the house at the front steps and front door to the arctic entryway.

After a coat of log oil, it looks remarkably better. Rebecca Case came up for the weekend and helped me sand and oil the logs. We cleaned the property, took two dump runs, and hauled all the old insulation out of the garage.


Anonymous said...

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alaskacase said...

Fantastic Home! The location is perfect for views, mild summer climate and clean air. Such a gorgeous location in a beautiful true log home is worth a million!