Wednesday, August 27, 2008


A few weeks ago I read the Sunday edition of the Anchorage Daily News and was caught by an article on Geoff Roes' record-busting run in the Resurrection Pass 100-Miler; he beat the course record by nearly four hours. I know all the Alaska races are tough: Mount Marathon, the brutal jump-fest run up and back by Bill Spencer in 1981 in 43:11 and Nancy Pease in 1990 in 50:30; Crow Pass, a marathon over mountains and through a glacial river; the Alaska Wilderness Challenge, the multi-day race that only the "Alaska Crazies" enter. So it was with great interest that I noticed how Roes had smashed the 100-mile race record. I recommend you read the whole inspiring article at:

Near the end, Roes points to his training regimen and mentions that he uses a website for his training log, and anyone can look it up:
This inspired me to train a bit harder and actually use the same orienteering training site to log my activity. The book "Cycling Past 50" recommends cycling at least 5 days a week, however I also love to hike, so I've interspersed the hiking and cycling. Those are just about the only two activities I've done this summer, with a dislocated shoulder. The site has a slight motivational factor for me, so I could actually wear a heart monitor, start setting goals, and be a bit more professional about the training. However, I've never been big on regular exercise, not a routine person, but rather a free spirit who loves to follow his whims.

If you are interested, you can read my embarrassingly short entries at:


sbt said...

Hey that's great Ralph! Maybe you'll inspire me to actually start training. =)

Ralph said...

Oh!!! You are already so honed, you're the one who inspires me!