Saturday, December 13, 2008

Canyonlands Hike

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Indian Creek, Part Two

After a few days at the Creek, Jim Donini invited me to drive over to Ouray on Sunday, climb in the afternoon on the pool wall with him and Dan and some others, then have dinner together at the Bon Ton. It was a nice drive over the desert and through Old Lasalle, Paradox, Naturita, Norwood, and Ridgeway to Ouray. We climbed with Eric Weihenmayer, Chris Archer & Sarah Spaulding, Rob Raker and his wife, Annette Bunge. It was a really nice day on the rock, and I was glad I had made the trip. At dinner time I called Charlotte Fox who just happened to be driving over from Aspen and was just at the junction in Ridgeway. She drove her snowmachines to the house and joined us at the Bon where Dan treated us to a great meal.

The next day Jim headed to the Black Canyon with Dan, and I headed back to Indian Creek for another week of climbing. Once there the whole climbing world descended on Creek Pasture camping site. Charlotte was there, and I called Dr. Debbie Wheeler who drove her camper over and joined us. Jay Smith and Kitty Calhoun arrived. I had a nice campsite at the north end where everyone could camp. Kristin arrived and climbed with Charlotte. Many others, too numerous to name arrived, including Micah Salazar, Mark Soot & Kay Fisher, Tom Engelbach & Karla Shaw, Jordan Campbell, Kirra ?, and tons of others.

Christian Beckwith, the day after Alpinist Magazine folded, joined us and I ended up climbing with him and Jay Smith the next day. Here Jay Smith belays Christian:
Jim Nigro was camped next door and climbed with us the next day:

It was a great day of climbing!