Sunday, February 26, 2012



Since I was a young boy, I have kept a list of the books I've read in a red three-ring binder where the scraps of various kinds of paper, written with a variety of pencils and pens are preserved. Amazingly, I had never looked back to review all the books until one day recently, cleaning out my office, I thumbed through the list. Suddenly I was in a time warp, traveling back through the years remembering these wonderful books and what each meant to me. Why I picked each one could take volumes; suffice to say that each seemed like a good idea at the time. Some were text books, some travel volumes, some read for school, and some just trashy novels at the beach or on a airplane.

There were fat years and lean years. Right after my son Thor was born, I seemed to do a lot of reading, possibly while I was rocking him to sleep. Somehow I didn't put Dr. Suess's "Cat in the Hat" on my list, but I must have read it to him a hundred times. Then in 1984 when I built our log home in Denali Park in Alaska, I only had time for a few.

My father and mother both read to me as a child: "Blueberries for Sal", "The Little Engine That Could", "Paddle to the Sea", Tree in the Trail", "Jack and the Beanstalk", "The Pokey Little Puppy", "Little Black Sambo", "Call it Courage"... Mom was a school teacher, and dad was a doctor, so they had excellent taste in a child's reading program. I wish I could remember all the titles.

As a young boy I envied my father's library, locked in his study in the basement. He had installed the hinge with the pins on the outside of the door, and I became expert in extracting the pins with a butter knife, quickly lifting the door off the hinges, then replacing it within seconds to gain access. I loved his study: it had his great-grandfather's pistol and rifle, his college swimming medals, a beautiful glass-covered desk, and walls lined with fine books. I still remember nearly every title as my mind's eye scans the rows. Of course, to a young mind, Kinsey's "The Sexual Behavior of the Human Male" and "Sexual Behavior of the Human Female" were where I got all my early knowledge of sexuality. But the great books, T. E. Lawrence's "Seven Pillars of Wisdom", W. Somerset Maugham's "Of Human Bondage", among hundreds, were my favorites. I would take a book, slightly move each volume in the row so it appeared all the books were still there, take it to my room and read it at night. I'm sure my father never had a clue.

From our house on 11th avenue, Bus No. 6 took me downtown to the Salt Lake City Public Library for a nickle. I strolled the stacks looking through the great outdoor books by Ernest Thompson Seton or Daniel Beard. I loved science and checked out every book in the children's section. I still remember W. Maxwell Reed's "The Sea for Sam", "The Earth for Sam", and "The Stars for Sam". Alfred P. Morgan was another favorite who wrote science books. I checked out each of them many times: "The Boy Electrician", "First Chemistry Book for Boys and Girls", "The Boys First Book of Radio and Electronics" (on through the Fourth Book...), and "An Aquarium Book for Boys and Girls". I remember buying an aquarium afterwards and having fish, hamsters, spiders, snakes, and lizards for years after, much to my mother's consternation.

By eleven I graduated from the children's section upstairs to the adult section. Geology had become my passion, and the very best books were there: geology textbooks on sedimentology, historical geology, mineralogy. Volumes like "Dana's System of Mineralogy" which was far beyond me, but somehow it all made sense and my knowledge grew.

Frederick H. Pough's "Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals" was the first book I bought. It cost $3.75 which I earned from mowing lawns at a dollar each. I still have that book. My library grew over the years and the geology books transitioned to mountaineering books after I discovered climbing at age 14.

The world opened even wider when I left home and went to Finland, learning a foreign language. But my reading narrowed. As a Mormon missionary, I was limited to reading only the basic church books: the Bible, the Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, and Doctrine and Covenants. Reading the Bible was a life-changing exercise. After a short way into the book, I realized I didn't believe the theology; it made no sense to me in light of everything I knew, and I spent the next several years trying to reconcile my life and beliefs with reality. My whole social fabric was the Mormon church, and leaving didn't seem to be a possibility.

At home back in Utah, I changed my major from pre-med to Classical Greek. It was a crazy thing to do, but I was fascinated by languages, and for the next two years I took every class that the professors would teach. The Greek classics grew on my bookshelves, along with grammars, books on linguistics, commentaries, and volumes in a variety of foreign languages.

In the fall of 1967 I moved to Baltimore for graduate school at The Johns Hopkins University studying Arabic and Near Eastern Languages. There were hundreds of school books during graduate school when I was so involved in my research and work that I never put them on the list. During the five years working on my Ph.D. I read stacks of books in Arabic which are not on the list, and I would have had to transliterate the titles into Roman script from Arabic. It is interesting that during this period I included books I had read for pleasure at home, but not books I read in my study carrel in the library.

It was the 60's and besides my studies, I discovered the beat poets, Alan Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and principally Gary Snyder whose poetry seemed to speak to me. Poetry has been a passion all my life, and now the group of poets expanded: I discovered the New Directions Press, full of titles that would have been forbidden in my early life. Little by little the library grew.

The Bollingen series of books was started in the early 40's by Mary Mellon. Many of them were source books for my Near Eastern studies, so I started to acquire those beautiful volumes. I never stopped, and still today, if I see a rare on in a used book store I haul it home. They now take up four stacked barrister bookcases.

I loved the classics, but often they would take more time and concentration, so I developed the habit of taking the heavy (both in size and content) books on the plane or on a mountain trip, thus guaranteeing I would read the book. As I moved from home to home, I carted those books along. By now, I have a house-full of magnificent volumes. I dread ever moving again.

Unfortunately, this is not a complete list. As I read through it, I remembered many books that I didn't write down at the time. Although it isn't perfect, it is a good cross-section of my reading life. So, I re-typed the list here, mostly so my two children can someday see what made their dad.



The Tree in the Trail
The Little Engine Who Could
Captains Courageous
Little Black Sambo
Dick and Jane
Uncle Remus Stories
Jack in the Beanstalk
Hansel and Gretel
Little Red Riding Hood
Aesop's Fables


The complete Hardy Boys series
The complete Tom Swift series
The Santa Fe Trail - Landmark Series
Kit Carson and the Wild Frontier - Landmark
Daniel Boone - Landmark
Davy Crockett - Landmark
Boy Scout Handbook
Rockets, Jets, Guided Missiles and Space Ships; Jack Coggins & Fletcher Pratt
Our Friend the Atom; Heinz Haber
Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals; Fredrick H. Pough
My Hobby is Collecting Rocks and Minerals
Trapper Jim; Edwyn Sandys
The American Boy's Book of Bugs, Butterflies, and Beetles; Daniel Beard
Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties - Daniel Beard
The Buckskin Book for Buckskin Men and Boys; Daniel Beard
The Wisdom of the Woods; Daniel Beard
Wild Animals I Have Known; Ernest Thompson Seton
Lobo, King of the Krumpa; Ernest Thompson Seton
Two Little Savages; Ernest Thompson Seton
Manual of the Woodcraft Indians; Ernest Thompson Seton
The Book of Woodcraft and Indian Lore; Ernest Thompson Seton
Rolf in the Woods; Ernest Thompson Seton
First Chemistry Book for Boys; Alfred P. Morgan
First Electrical Book for Boys; Alfred P. Morgan
The Boy Electrician; Alfred P. Morgan
The Boy's First Book of Radio and Electronics; Alfred P. Morgan
The Boy's Second Book of Radio and Electronics; Alfred P. Morgan
An Aquarium Book for Boys and Girls; Alfred P. Morgan
The Sea for Sam; W. Maxwell Reed & Wilfred Bronson
The Earth for Sam; W. Maxwell Reed & Wilfred Bronson
The Stars for Sam; W. Maxwell Reed & Wilfred Bronson
Royal Road to Romance; Richard Halliburton
The Glorious Adventrue; Richard Halliburton
Richard Halliburton's Complete Book of Marvels; Richard Halliburton
Seven League Boots; Richard Halliburton
The Boy Scout Handbook
The Story of Thomas Alva Edison
Rocks and Minerals; Herbert Zim
Reptiles and Amphibians; Herbert Zim
A Magician of Science: The Boy's Life of Steinmetz; Hammond


Madame Curie; Marie Curie

Rimrock; Luke Short

The Amboy Dukes; Irving Shulman
On the Road; Jack Kerouac
To Build a Fire; Jack London


1959 - This list include some books from earlier lists; I must have written this as a compilation of earlier notes sometime in high school, since I certainly read several of these books before high school.

1. Two Little Savages; Ernest Thompson Seton
2. Rolf in the Woods; Ernest Thompson Seton
3. Book of Woodcraft; Ernest Thompson Seton
4. Introduction to Mountaineering; George Allen Smith
5. Handbook of Mountaineering; Kenneth A. Henderson
5. Wild Animals I have Known; Ernest Thompson Seton
7. A Century of Mountaineering; Arnold Lunn
8. Cache Lake Country; John J. Rowlands
9. First on the Rope; Roger Frison-Roche
10. Le Grande Crevasse; Roger Frison-Roche
11. Banner in the Sky; James Ramsey Ullman
12. The White Tower; Jaes Ramsey Ullman
13. On Climbing; Robert Charles Evans
14. The Ascent of Everest; Sir John Hunt
15. Annapurna; Maurice herzog
16. Nanga Parbat; Dr. Carl Herlingkoffer
17. On Top of the World; Patricia Petzoldt
18. Lonely Challenge; Hermann Buhl
19. East of Everest; Edmund Hillary and Charles Evans
20. Everest: Kingdom of Adventure; James Ramsey Ullman
21. Five Miles High; Robert Bates
22. Puman Claw; Ronald Clark
23. Boy and a Pack;
24. Great Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe
25. Aku Aku; Thor Hyerdahl
26. The Pearl; John Steinbeck
27. Of Mice and Men; John Steinbeck
28. The Red Pony; John Steinbeck
29. The Count of Monte Cristo; Alexandre Dumas
30. The Last of the Mohicans; James Fennimore Cooper
31. Belaying the Leader; Sierra Club
32. The Good Earth; Pearl Buck
33. The Subterraneans; Jack Kerouac
34. My Brother was an Only Child; Jack Douglas
35. The Homecoming Game; Howard Nemerov
36. The Age of Consent; Norman Lindsay
37. Your Own Book of Campcraft; Catherine T. Hammet
38. Brave New World; Aldous Hexley
39. Science Fiction Omnibus; Groff Conklin
40. Rimrock; Luke Short
41. Flint; Gill Dodge
42. The Long Rifle; Stewart Edward White
43. The Boats; Seymour Krim
44. Our Friend the Atom; Walt Disney
45. The Beat Generation; Albert Zugsmith
46. The Lovely Lady; D.H. Lawrence
47. White Fang; Jack London
48. The Big Sky; A.B. Guthrie, Jr.
49. On the Road; Jack Kerouac
50. The Way West; A.B. Guthrie, Jr.
51. Complete Sherlock Holmes; Sir Arthur Connan Doyle
52. Rockets, Jets, Guided Missles and Space Shps; Wiley Ley
53. The Wizard of Oz; L. Frank Baum
54. Boy Scout Handbook
55. Electronics for Young People; Jeanne Bendick
56. Identification and Qualitative Analysis of Minerals; Orsino C. Smith
57. How to Know the Minerals and Rocks; Richard M. Pearl
58. Woodland Tales; Ernest Thompson Seton
59. Woodcraft; Bernard Sterling Mason
60. Roping; Bernard Sterling Mason
61. Manual of the Woodcraft Indians; Ernest Thompson Seton
63. Woodmanship; Bernard S. Mason
64. Earth is Room Enough; Isaac Asimov
65. Treasury of Science Fiction Classics
66. Hamster Guide; Dr. G. Edgar Folk
67. Pets; Alfred P Morgan
68. First Aid; Red Cross
69. Life Saving and Water Safety; Red Cross
70. Traplines and Trails
71. Adventures of Tom Sawyer; Mark Twain
72. Adventures of Huckelberry Finn; Mark Twain
73. The World We Live In; Lincoln Barnett
74. Camping and Woodcraft; Horace Kephart
75. New Way of the Wilderness; Calvin Rutstrum
76. Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals; Fredrick H. Pugh
77. What Makes it Tick
78. Boys Book of Chemistry; Alfred Powell Morgan
79. Boys Book of Radio; Alfred Powell Morgan
80. Boys Book of Electricity; Alfred P. Morgan
81. Trapper Jim
82. Lives of Game Animals, Vol. 2; Ernest Thompson Seton
83. Thomas Alva Edison
84. Charles Steinmetz, the Mathematial Wizzard
85. Mr. Wizard's Science Experiments; Don Herbert
86. Skiing for the Millions
87. Facts of Life and Love for Teen Agers; Evelyn Millis Duval
88. Animals of Yesterday
89. Danger Dinosaurs
90. Boy Scouts in the Wilderness
91. Chief Black Hawk
92. Kit Carson
93. Daniel Boone
94. Fur Trappers and Traders
95. Magic
96. First Rifle
97. 101 Card Tricks
98. Houdini's Magic
99. Where Town Begins
100. Camp Management; Bernard S. Mason
101. Book of Indian Crafts and Customs; Bernard S. Mason
102. Indian Lore
103. Indian Sign Language; Iron Eyes Cody
104. Indian Sign Language; Willian Tomkins
105. Indian Sign Language; Robert Hofsinde (Gray Wolf)
106. Hopis
107. The Lone Woodsman; Warren Hastings Miller
108. The High Trail; Vivian Breck
109. Explorer Manual
110. Bugs, Beetles, and Butterflies; Daniel Cartier Beard
111. How to Know the Butterflies;
112. Catcher in the Rye; J.D. Salinger
113. Kon Tiki; Thor Hyerdahl
114. Starlight and Storm; Gaston Rebuffat
115. Ivanhoe; Sir Walter Scott
116. Raymond Lee Ditmars; L.N. Wood
117. The Worlds Love Poetry; Michael Rheta Martin
118. Samson Agonistes; John Milton
119. Nine Short Stories; J.D. Salinger
120. A Tale of Two Cities; Charles Dickens
121. The White Spider; Heinrich Harrer
122. Mont Blanc to Everest; Gaston Rebuffat
123. High Adventure; Bob and Ira Spring
124. Caves of Adventure; Haroun Tazeiff
125. Crime and Punishment; Fydor Dostoevsky
126. Lady Chatterly's Lover; D.H. Lawrence
127. Rakaposhi; Mike Banks
128. When the Mountain Fell; C.F. Ramuz
129. Neige et Roc; Gaston Rebuffat
130. Mountain Search and Rescue Operations
131. Climbers Guide to the Teton Range; Leigh Ortenberger
132. Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills; Harvy Manning
133. Ropes, Knots and Slings for the Climber; Walt Wheelock
134. Walden; H.D. Thoreau
135. Georgia Boy; Erskine Caldwell
136. Were Two Worlds Meet; Fosco Maraini
137. Karakoram; Fosco Maraini
138. The Perfumed Garden; Richard Francis Burton
139. The Kama Sutra; Richard Francis Burton
140. The Lake Regions of Central Africa; Sir Richard Francis Burton
141. The Playground of Europe; Leslie Stephen
143. The Cid
144. Stories from the Arabian Nights; Burton
145. Samson Agonisties; John Milton
146. Romeo and Juliette; Shakespeare
147. Macbeth; Shakespeare


The Bible
The Book of Mormon

The Pearl of Great Price
The Doctrine and Covenants
A Marvelous Work and a Wonder

Lehi in the Desert and The World of the Jaredites
An Approach to the Book of Mormon
Science and Religion; Sydney B. Sperry
Journeys to the Lake Regions of Central Africa; Richard F. Burton
Pilgrimage to Mecca and Al-Medina; Richard Frances Burton
The Story of Language; Mario Pei
Himalayan Valloitus; Matti A. Jokinen
Alppien Seinamilla; Matti A. Jokinen


The Odyssey; Homer
The Iliad; Homer
Oedipus Rex; Sophocles
Agamemnon; Aeschylus
The Song of Roland
Song of the Cid
Canterbury Tales; Chaucer
Hamlet; Shakespeare
Great Spanish Short Stories
Great German Short Stories
Great French Short Stories
Great American Short Stories
Death in Venice; Thomas Mann
Metamorphosis; Franz Kafka
Phaedra; Jean Racine
Michael Karvajalka; Mika Waltari
Horses, Hitches, and Rocky Trails; Joe Back
Beginning Cairo Arabic; Sami A. Hanna
Introduction to Greek; Crosby and Schaeffer
The Homeric Odyssey; Denys Page
Homeric Greek; Clyde Pharr
History and the Homeric Iliad; Denys Page
Conquistadors of the Useless; Lionel Terray
Americans on Everest; James Ramsey Ullman

Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics; Gleason
Historical Linguistics; Wilfred P. Lehmann
A Companion to Homer; Wace & Stubbings
The Discovery of Language; Holger Pederson
Homer and the Heroic Tradition; Cedric A. Whitman
The Bacchae; Euripides (in Greek)
Discontinuity in Greek Civilization; Rhys Carpenter
A Study of Writing; Gelb
The Sumerians; Samuel Noah Kramer
Homer; Odyssey X
Ajax; Sophocles (in Greek)
Crito; Plato (in Greek)
Thesmophoriazusae; Aristophanes (in Greek)
Novum Testamentum Gracae (in Greek)
Anabasis Book 1; Zenophon (in Greek)
Apology of Socrates; Plato (in Greek)
Republic 1; Plato; Adam (in Greek)
History of Rome to AD 565; Boak and Sinnigen
I Choose to Climb; Christian Bonington
Handbook of Greek Literature; H J. Rose
The Face of the Ancient Orient; Sabattino Moscatti


Grammar of the Arabic Language; Wright
Aetheopic Grammar
New Testament (excerpts in Ge'ez, old Ethiopic language)
Ugaritic Grammar; Cyrus Gordon
Ugaritic Texts; Cyrus Gordon
Arabic Literature; H.A.R. Gibb
Decipherment of Linear B; John Chadwick
Ugarit and Minoan Crete; Cyrus Gordon
Ancient Mesopotamia; Oppenheim
Seven Years in Tibet; Heinrich Harrer
The Hard Years; Joe Brown

Desert Solitaire; Edward Abbey
Genesis: The NJV Translation
The Biblical Period from Abraham to Ezra; William Foxwell Albright
Ancient Egyptian Religion; Frankfort
Essays in Old Testament History and Religion; Albrecht Alt
From the Stone Age to Christianity; William Foxwell Albright
The Bible and the Ancient Near East; G. Ernest Wright
Siddhartha; Herman Hesse
Demian; Herman Hesse
Direttissima; Gillman and Haston
The Mycenaean World; John Chadwick

Islamic Law; Schact
History of the Arabs; Philip K. Hitti
Knots;R.D. Laing
The Politics of Experience; R.D. Laing
The Back Country; Gary Snyder
Earth House Hold; Gary Snyder
Egyptian Grammar; Gardiner

Pole, Paddle, and Portage; Bill Riviere
Rocky Mountain Warden; Frank Caulkins
Basic Rockcraft; Royal Robbins
Mountaineering; Alan Blackshaw
Word Alchemy; Lenore Kandel
Romel Drives Deep into Egypt; Richard Brautigan


The Subterraneans; Jack Kerouac
Zen in the Art of Archery; Eugen Herrigel
A First Greek Course; Donaldson
ABC's of Reading; Ezra Pound
The Spell of the Yukon; Robert W. Service
One Man's Mountains; Tom Patey
Don Whillans: Portrait of a Mountaineer; Don Whillans
Justine; Lawrence Durrell
Clea; Lawrence Durrell
Balthazar; Lawrence Durrell
Mountolive; Lawrence Durrell
Man Meets Dog; Konrad Lorenz

Trails Plowed Under; Charles M. Russell
Die Morgenland Fahrt; Herman Hesse
Strange News from Another Star; Herman Hesse
Myths and Texts; Gary Snyder
Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems; Gary Snyder
The First Third; Neal Cassidy
Introduction to Zen Buddhism; D. T. Suzuki
The Bhavagad Gita
Immortal Poems; Oscar Williams

The Message of the Joseph Smith Papyri; Hugh Nibley
Good Medicine; Charles M. Russell
No Second Place Winner; Jordan
Pistol Shooter's Treasury;
The Avalanche Handbook; USFS
A Century of Mountaineering; Alfred Lunn
Regarding Wave; Gary Snyder
Field Guide to Snow Crystals;
In High Places; Dougal Haston

Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting;
Sixguns; Elmer Keith
Complete Book of Combat Handgunning
Mount Analogue; Rene Daumal
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek; Annie Dillard
Turtle Island; Gary Snyder
Downward Bound; Warren Harding
Advanced Rockcraft; Royal Robbins

Byways in Handweaving; Mary Meigs Atwater
The Long Death; Andrist
Sun Chief; Simmons
Great Tom; T.S. Matthews
The Mont Blanc Massif; Gaston Rebuffat
Climbing in North America; Chris Jones
Mountain Search and Rescue Techniques; W.G. May
Modern Snow and Ice Techniques; Bill March
The Long Death; Ralph K. Andrist
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee; Dee Brown
Passage to India; Gary Snyder
Slickrock; Edward Abbey
The Tao of Physics; Fritjof Capra

A Cabinet Maker's Notebook; James Krenov
The People of the Lake; Richard Leakey
The Immense Journey; Loren Eisley
The Invisible Pyramid; Loren Eisley
The Unexpected Universe; Loren Eisley
The Firmament of Time; Loren Eisley
The Night Country; Loren Eisley

The Fine art of Cabinet Making; James Krenov
The Oresteia; Aeschylus (Lattimore trans.)
All the Strange Hours; Loren Eisley
Mount Analog; Rene Daumal
Climb to the Lost World; Hamish MacInnes
Black Sun; Edward Abbey

The Honorable Schoolboy; John Le Carre
Tristes Tropiques; Claude Levi-Strauss
Green Hills of Africa; Ernest Hemingway
Hostage to the Devil
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance; Robert J. Pirsig
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich; William Shirer
The Ultimate Athlete
Nothing Venture, Nothing Won; Sir Edmund Hillary
Origins of Consciousness
Colossus of Marousi; Henry Miller
How the Experts Ski
Cross Country Book
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek; Annie Dillard
Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy
Flounder; Gunter Grass
The Pound Era; Hugh Kenner
God of the Fathers
Downhill Cross Country
Origins; Richard Leakey
Riders of the Purple Sage; Zane Gray
The Uses of Enchantment
The Magus; John Fowles
The Nigger of the Narcissus; Joseph Conrad
Arnold; Arnold Schwartzenegger
Positive Addiction
Daniel Martin; John Fowles
Soldier Taylor Tinker Spy;
Aeschylus: the Oresteia
Sophocles: the Oedipus Trilogy
The Second Ring of Power; Carlos Castaneda
Ishi Means Man; Thomas Merton
Summits and Secrets; Kurt Diemberger
Mont Blanc to Everest
The Old Ways; Gary Snyder
Shadow Boxer
The Life of Ezra Pound
Relativity and Common Sense
The Seventh Seal; Ingmar Bergman
The Magic Years
Dragons of Eden; Carl Sagan
Caldwell on Cross Country;
Climbing Ice; Yvon Chouinard

Black Powder Guide
X Beidler: Vigilante;
The Ithaca Hawken
Journal of a Trapper
Daisy Miller
The World of Odysseus
Herr Nightengale and the Satin Woman; William Kotzwinkle
Relativity and Common Sense; Herman Bondi
Fifth Business; Robertson Davies
Manticore; Robertson Davies
World of Wonders; obertson Davies
Maltese Falcon; Dashiell Hammett
Burning Moon;
Temples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs; Barbara Mertz
The Big Walls; Reinhold Messner
The Lonely Victory; Peter Habeler
People of the Lake; Richard Leakey

The Way to Rainy Mountain; N. Scott Momaday
The Gourd Dancer; N. Scott Momaday
Ultraviolet Catastrophe
Egypt Before the Pharoahs;
The Lonely Victory
The Ice Experience
Songs for Gaia
The Gemini Contenders
Know Your Hamster
Lives of a Cell; Thomas
Memories, Dreams and Reflections; Carl Jung
A River Runs Through It; Norman McLean
Green mansions; W.H. Hudson
The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses
The Stranger; Albert Camus
The Fall; Albert Camus
A Prince of Our Discontent
The Tempest; Shakespeare
Lone Star Ranger; Zane Gray
The Monkey Wrench Gang; Edward Abbey
Skeeter Skelton on Handguns 1980
Jeff Cooper on Handguns
Stones of Silence; George Schaller


A Season in Hell; Rimbaud
The Splendid Art of Opera; Ethan Mordden
Real Property; Sarah Davidson
Loose Change; Sarah Davidson
Tropic of Cancer; Henry Miller
The Snow Leopard; Peter mathiesson
Cross Country Cat
The Tree of Idleness; Laurence Durrell
The Cave Home of Peking Man
The Night of the Grizzlies
Stones of Silence; George Schaller
Training of a Zen Buddhist Monk; D. T. Suzuki
The Camera; Time-Life
The Secret Revolution; John Russell
On the Heights; Walter Bonatti
The Frog Prince; Maurice Girodias
The Family of Man; Edward Steichen
Light and Film; Time-Life
The Success and Failure of Picasso; john Berger
The Emancipation of Color; John Russell
Holy the Firm: Annie Dillard
Mountains Without Handrails; Joseph Sax
Man in the Holocene; Max Frisch
Rosshalde; Hermann Hesse
Delta of Venus; Anais Nin
The Print; Time-Life
I Heard the Owl Call My Name
Coming Into the Country; John McPhee
Going to Extremes; Joe McGinnis
Kantishna-Mining Assessment
The History of English
The Girzzly; Enos Mills
High and Wild; Galen Rowell
Twilight of the Young; Kurt Mehnert
Man and His Symbols; Carl Jung
The Maltese Circle; Robert Ludlum
About Looking; John Berger
The Premar Experiments; Robert H. Rimmer
On Photography; Susan Sontag
A Dirty Way to Die; Jim Saddler
History as Nightmare; John Russell
Illuminations; Benjamin
Reality Reassembled; John Russell
Starlight and Storm; Gaston Rebuffat
A New Look at the Dinosaurs; Alan Charig
Olympus OM Camera Manual; Lou Jacobs, Jr.
Darwin's Century; Loren Eisley
Black Spring; Henry Miller
Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches; Frank Harris
Gowland's Guide
The Cosmopolitan Eye; John Russell
Orient Express; Graham greene
Traverse of the Gods; Bob Langley
The World Guide to Beer
Winter Count; Barry Lopez
Avedon, Photographs 1947-1977; Richard Avedon
The Pirate; Harold Robbins
Lucy; Donald Johansson
Ascent; Steck, Roper
The Postman Always Rings Twice; James M. Cain
Your Child's Self Esteem
Stories Cops Only Tell Each Other
Slocums Revenge; Jake Logan
The Natural History of the Chorus Girl; Derek and Jukia Parker
Track of the Snake; Gene Shelton
An Alternative Art; John Russell
Deborah: A Wilderness Narrative; David Roberts
Georgia O'Keef
Thinking Back; Wm. M. Hurst
Druekes Chess Primer
Where the Bufflao Begin
The Honorable Schoolboy; John Le Carre

Environmental Assessment and Development Concept Plan, Park Road Corridor
Folktales in Homer's Odyssey; Denys Page
Women and Other Visions; photographs by Judy Dater, Jack Welpott
Call of the Wild; Jack London
Sphinx; Robin Cook
Sled Dogs of Denali; Sandy Kogl
Desert Notes; Barry Lopez
The Minnesota Connection; Al Palmquist
Animal Farm; George Orwell
Chess is an Easy Game; Fred Reinfeld
The Ninja; Eric Van Lustbader
The Dominion of the Dream; John russell
The One-Shot Kid; Nelson Nye
Modern man in Search of a Soul; Carl Jung
A World Remodelled; John Russell
The Realm of the Green Buddha; Ludwig Koch-Isenburg
Los Onze Mille Verges; Apollinaire
The Law Enforcement Handgun Digest; jack Lewis
The White Hotel; D.M. Thomas
Ever Since Darwin; Stephen jay Gould
Good News; Edward Abbey
Heller With a Gun; Louis Lamore
License Renewed; John Gardner
Happy Days; Samuel Beckett
Raiders of Spanish Peaks; Zane Grey
He Rode Alone; Steve Frazee
A majority of Scoundrels; Don Berry
Dangerous River; R.M. Patterson
Trails Plowed Under: C.M. Russell
The Brave Cowboy; Edward Abbey
Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill's Wild West; Isabell S. Sayers
Bucksiin Run; Louis Lamour
Shibumi; Trevinian
heart of Darkness and The Secret Sharer; Joseph Conrad
Complete Book of Combat Hangunning; Chuck Taylor
50 Years of Alpinism; Riccardo Cassin
The Osterman Weekend; Robert Ludlum
Skeeter Skelton on Handguns;

Shike, Time of the Dragons; Robert Shea
Down the River; Edward Abbey
Sharon, by Herself
Winter News; John Haines
Designing Houses; Les Walker and Jeff Milstein
The Last Great Race; Tim Jones
Nunaga; Duncan Pryde
Ax Handles; Gary Snyder
A Logbuilder's Handbook; Drew Langsner
How to Design and Independent Power System; Terrance D. Paul
Guns of Horse Range; Nelson Nye
Lisa - Portrait of a Lady; Robert Maplethorp
Low Cost Pole Building Construction
Seppala: Alaskan Dog Driver, Ricker
Stiletto; Harold Robbins
Refuge; Terry Tempest Williams
The World of the Odyssey; M.I. Finley

Training and Racing Sled Dogs; George Attla
Nutritional Requirements for Sled Dogs
Secrets of long Distance Racing and Training; Rick Swenson
Training Lead Dogs; Lee Fishback
Racing Alaska Sled Dogs; Bill Vaudrin
Son of the Morning Star; Evan S. Connell

This House of Sky; Ivan Doig
Axe Handles; Gary Snyder
Temples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs; Barbara Mertz
River Notes; Barry Lopez
Mawson's Will; Lennard Bickel

In Patagonia; Bruce Chatwin
Making of the Atomic Bomb; Richard Rhoades
The Creative Explosion; John E. Pfeiffer
Dog Puncher on the Yukon; Arthur T. Walden

Deva; Michael Tobias
The Seductions of Natalie Bach; William Luvaas
In Patagonia; Bruce Chatwin
A Whack on the Side of the Head
Getting to Yes; Roger Fisher, William Ury
The Magic Mountain; Thomas Mann
Annapurna; Maurice Herzog
Lines and Shadows; Joseph Wambaugh
Echoes in the Darkness; Joseph Wambaugh
Fawcett on Rock; Ron Fawcett

Man's Fate; Andre Malraux
Hamlet; Shakespeare
The Tempest; Shakespeare
Starting from Scratch; Rita Mae Brown
A Brief History of Time; Stephen Hawking
My Life of High Adventure; Grant Pearson
Left Out in the Rain; Gary Snyder
Ascent; Steck & Roper
A Dream of White Horses; Edwin Drummond

The Making of the Atomic Bomb; Richard Rhodes
The Fate of the Earth; Johnathan Schell
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; Pirsig
The Starship and the Canoe; Kenneth Brower
Artificial Climbing Walls; BMC
Buddhism; I.G. Edmonds
Oedipus the King; Sophocles; Trans Stephen berg, diskin Clay
The Gnostic Gospels; Elaine Pagels
Sportklettern Heute; Wolfgang Gullich
Midsummer Nights Dream; Shakespeare
Thomas Mann; Henry Hatfield
The Bone People; Keri hulme
Muhammed at mecca; W. montgomery Watt
Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
Gorilla Monsoon; John Long
Ascent; Jeremy Bernstein

Temples, tombs, and Hieroglyphs; Barbara Mertz
The Late Summer Passion of a Woman of Mind; Rebecca Goldstein
The Whales in Lake Tanganyika; Lennart Hagerfors
Principles of the New Chess; Bruce Panofsky
Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman; Richard Feynman
Zen in the Arot of Archery; Eugen Herrigel (second reading)
Skinwalker; Tony Hillerman
The Native People of Alaska; steven J. Langdon
In Mad Love and War; Joy Harjo
A Fools Progress; Edward Abbey
Animal Dreams; Barbara Kingsolver
The Island Within; Richard K. Nelson
Eskimos and Aleuts; Don Dumond
Ancient Men of the Arctic; J. Louis Giddings
Crossroads of Continents; Smithsonian
Skinny Legs and All; Tom Robbins
Perspectives in Linguistics; John T. Waterman
The Great Journey; Brian Fagan
hamito-Semitic Linguistics; I.M. Diakonov
Language and myth; Ernst Cassirer
The Closing of the American Mind; Alan Bloom
Peoples of the Earth; Brian Fagan
The Golden Orange; Joseph Wambaugh

Bad Behavior; Mary Gaitskill
Danseus de Roc; Catherine Destiville
The Franhine Affair; Josephine Tey
Focault's Pendulum; Umberto Eco
Norht Slope Inupiaq Grammar; MacLean
Archeology and Language; Colin Renfrew
FLying to Nowhere; John Fuller
Night Train to Turkestan
Hayduke Lives; Edward Abbey
The Apology; Plato
The Thief of Time; Tony Hillerman
Coyote Waits; Tony Hillerman
Talking God; Tony Hillerman
Tune in the World; ARRL
Moveable Feast; Ernest Hemingway
The Claiming ofSleeping Beauty; Anne Roquelaure
The Men's Room; Ann Oakley
The Spirit of Zen; Alan Watts
Iron John; Robert Bly
The Practice of the Wild; Gary Snyder
Tho the Top of Denali; Bill Sherwonit
Beauty's Punishment; Ann (Rice) Roquelaure
Free Spirit; Reinhold Messner
Forzen in Time; Owen Beattie; John Geiger
Murder on the Iditarod Trail; Sue Henry
Fearful Symmetry; Anthony Zee
The New Genesis; Williams, Smart, Smith
The Endless Knot; Kurt Diemberger
We Aspired: The Last Innocent Americans; Pete Sinclair
The Journey from Eden; Brian Fagan

An Old Man's Toy; Anthony Zee
Jurassic park; Michael Chrichton
Sliver; Ira Levine
Life Above the Jungle Floor; Donald Perry
When the Mountain Fell; C.F. Ramuz
Pleasures; Lonnie Barbach
The sumerians; Samuel Noah Kramer
The Way of the Wolf; David Mech
Love and Empire; Eric Orsenna
No Nature: New and Selected Poems; Gary Snyder
Damage; Josephine Hart
The Old Man and the Sea; Ernest Hemingway
Flammes de Pierre; Anne Sauvy
Mer de Glace; Allison Fell

The Magic Mountain; Thomas Mann
Truman; David McCullough
Tales From the Steep; John Long
The Oedipus Cycle; Sophocles

After the Ice Age; E. C. Pielou
The Great Journey; Bryan Fagan
Spirits of the Air; Kurt Diemberger
Siddhartha; Herman Hesse (2nd reading)

Blood Meridian; Cormac McCarthy
All the Pretty Horses; Cormac McCarthy
A Place in Space; Gary Snyder
Introduction to Psychoanalysis; Sigmund Freud

Mountains and Rivers Without End; Gary Snyder
The Cosmic Frontiers of General Relativity; Kaufman
The Crossing; Cormac McCarthy

The Abstract Wild; Jack Turner
The Passion of the Western Mind; Richard Tarnas
Paradise Lost; John Milton (Third reading)
Origins; Richard Leakey

On the Road; Jack Kerouac (Third reading)
The Dharma Bums; Jack Kerouac
Wonderful Life; Steven J. Gould
Free Spirit; Reinhold Messner
The Crystal Horizon; Reinhold Messner
Glen Exum: Never a Bad Word or a Twisted Rope; Charlie Craighead

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt; Edmund Morris
Zen and Japanese Culture; Suzuki
Refiners Fire; Brooks
The Mammary Plays; Paula Vogel
Extreme Alpinism; Mark Twight

Theodore Rex; Edmund Morris
The Hero With A Thousand Faces; Joseph Campbell
The Mythic Image; Joseph Campbell
Hermann Buhl: Climbing Without Compromise; Reinhold Messner

The Origins of Life; John Maynard Smith
The Beak of the Finch; Johnathan Weiner

A Bend in the River; V.S. Naipaul
The Raw and the Cooked; Jim Harrison
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; Robert M. Pirsig (Second Reading)
The Odyssey; Fitzgerald Trans. of Homer
Kiss or Kill; Mark Twight
The Second Death of George Leigh Mallory; Reinhold Messner

Fishing Bamboo; Gierach
Cod; Mark Kurlansky
Climbing Free; Lynn Hill

The Inferno; Dante (Ciardi)
Purgatory; Dante (Ciardi)
Longitude; Dava Sobel

Paradiso; Dante (Ciardi)
Starting from Scratch; Rita Mae Brown
Last of the Mohicans; James Fenimore Cooper
Women; Annie Leibovitz
Annie Leibovitz
Danger on the Peaks; Gary Snyder
No Country for Old Men; Cormac McCarthy

The World is Flat; Thomas L. Friedman
Flammes de Pierre; Anne Sauvy
The Fools Progress; Edward Abbey (Second Reading)
The Diversity of Life; Edward O. Wilson
The Road; Cormac McCarthy
A Fool's Progress; Edward Abbey (2nd Reading)

Night Driving; Dick Dorworth
The Botany of Desire; Michael Pollan
On the Road: The Original Scroll; Jack Kerouac
Angle of Repose; Wallace Stegner
Alice Waters and Chez Panise; Thomas McNamee
Dancing at the Rascal Fair; Ivan Doig
Reading Like a Writer; Francine Prose
Red; Terry Tempest Williams

A Mapmakers Dream; James Cowan
Blink; Malcolm Gladwell
The Bush Tragedy; Jacob Weisberg
Slip of the Knife; Denise Mina
The Omnivores Dilemma; Michael Pollan
Bicycling Beyond the Divide; Daryl Farmer
The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid; Bill Bryson
Seasons of Mangoes and Brainfire; Carolyne Wright
The Raw and the Cooked; Jim Harrison
The Cartography of Water; Jim Burwell
Insatiable; Gael Greene
Sex and Sunsets; Tim Sandlin
In Defense of Food; Michael Pollan
The Age of American Unreason; Susan Jacoby
Three Cups of Tea; Greg Mortenson
Beowulf; Seamus Heaney translation
The Last Season; Eric Blehm
Bonk; Mary Roach
Escape from Lucania; David Roberts
The Enchantress of Florence; Salman Rushdie
Trespass; Amy Irvine
The Audacity of Hope; Barack Obama

The Inferno; Dante (Hollander)
The Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency; Alexander McCall Smith
The Elegant Universe; Brian Greene
The Lightness of Being; Frank Wilczek
Devil Bones; Kathy Reichs
The Sun Also Rises; Ernest Hemingway
Blue Heaven; C.J. Box
Winterkill; C.J. Box
Big Sur; Jack Kerouac
The Raw and the Cooked; Jim Harrison (second reading)
Letter to a Christian Nation; Sam Harris
The Gospel of Judas; Rodolphe Kasser
Misquoting Jesus; Ehrman
A Poetry Handbook; Mary Oliver
The Sounds of Poetry; Robert Pinsky
Look Out; Gary Snyder
Red; Terry Tempest Williams

Basin and Range; John McPhee
High Infatuation; Steph Davis
The Tale of the Unknown Island; Jose Saramago
Made By Hand; Tom Fidgen
For Whom the Bell Tolls; Ernest Hemingway
The Big Burn; Timothy Egan
Hotel du Lac; Anita Brookner
The Race; Dave Shields
Bob Dylan Revisited
The English Major; Jim Harrison
Born to Run; Christopher McDougall
Infidel: My Life; Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Sun and Steel; Yukio Mishima
A Streetcar Named Desire; Tennessee Williams
Being Wrong; Kathryn Schulz
Temperament; Jacob Isacoff
The Glass Menagerie; Tennessee Williams
Cheri; Collette
The End of Cheri; Collette
Climbing and Self Rescue; Loomis & Tyson
The Venetian's Wife; Nick Bantock
Waiting for Godot; Samuel Beckett
400 Wood Boxes;
Beowulf on the Beach; Jack Murnaugh
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; Stieg Larsson
My Canyonlands; Kent Frost
Ultimate Field Guide to Photography; National Geographic
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Crack Climbing; Lisa Gnade, Steve Petro
Finders Keepers; Craig Childs
Shop Class as Soulcraft; Matthew B. Crawford
The Girl Who Played With Fire; Stieg Larsson
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest; Stieg Larsson
Soul of Nowhere; Craig Childs
In Search of the Old Ones; David Roberts
The Secret Knowledge of Water; Craig Childs
God is Not Great; Christopher Hitchens
Woodshop Lust; David Thiel
Desert Quartette; Terry Tempest Williams


Just Kids; Patti Smith
Desert Towers; Steve Crusher Bartlett
House of Rain; Craig Childs
Auguries of Innocence; Patti Smith
Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography; Brenda Tharp
Galen Rowell's Inner Game of Outdoor Photography; Galen Rowell
The Workshop; Scott Gibson
The Way Out: A true story of ruin and survival"; Craig Childs
The Coral Sea; Patti Smith
James Krenov, Worker in Wood; James Krenov
The List; James P. Sweeney
The Art of Fine Tools; Sandor Nagyszalanczy
Blanket Chests; Scott Gibson & Peter Turner
Workshop Idea Book; Andy Rae
One Thousand Years of Solitude; Gabriel Garcia Marquez
The Age of Wonder; Richard Holmes
The Disappearing Spoon; Sam Kean
Beautiful and Pointless: A Guide to Modern Poetry; David Orr
The Handplane Book; Garrett Hack
Enough About Love; Herve Le Tellier
Sweet Bird of Youth; Tennessee Williams
The Tempest; Shakespeare
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle; Barbara Kingsolver
Women; Charles Bukowski
27 Wagons Full of Cotton; Tennessee Williams
The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris; David McCullough
Life; Keith Richards
The Sense of an Ending; Julian Barnes
The New York Regional Mormon Singles Haloween Dance; Elna Baker


The Swerve: How the World Became Modern; Stephen Greenblatt
House of Holes; Nicholson Baker
Anais Nin; House of Incest
Katy Sukel; Dirty Minds
Joseph Conrad; Heart of Darkness and The Secret Sharer (3rd Reading)

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