Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The candy-apple red bike caught my eye. Thor, Sarah, and I were walking up the street through Truckee, California, to meet Garry and Linda at "Burger Me", our favorite watering hole. Although there are millions of motorcycles, and some very cool ones, I couldn't help taking a photo. There must have been some great gathering, because everywhere I looked, groups of bikers were tooling through town. I think they must have been lawyers and doctors dressed in headbands and leather, because the bikes were just too elegant. I couldn't afford one, I know, so we wandered up the street and ordered a beer and a burger.
A beauty seen on the street

Garry and Linda at "Burger Me"

Just a few blocks from my brother Tony's home in Salt Lake City, is The Blue Plate Diner, a regular breakfast stop on my migration route. This little Honda 125, totally restored was sitting in front. A group of guys were hanging out in front and as I admired the bike, they told me its story. They had found the bike and totally restored it as a present to the owner's daughter when she graduated from school. I told them my brother had a Honda 50 in about 1970...a similar vintage. Now this was a bike I could love! I drooled over it for a minute and stepped inside for the Blue Plate Special and a cup of coffee, wondering where I might find an old beater to restore.
The little restored Honda

The Blue Plate

My friend Heather Sanchez owns "Eggs in the City", a favorite breakfast stop in Salt Lake City. It's close to my old friend Ted Wilson's place. Ted was may of Salt Lake for 3 terms, and I often meet him her for breakfast when I'm in town. This particular morning, I sneaked over to grab an early morning breakfast and spied this little gem. Not exactly a motorcycle, but I'd love to take it for a spin. I tried to figure out the owner inside, since the polka dot helmet was maybe the coolest ever. It would certainly turn my head if I saw it driving down the street. More in my price range, too!Check out the polka-dot helmet on this classy scooter

Eggs in the City

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