Saturday, April 4, 2009


Imagine my amazement. I was reading the sport page of the Anchorage Daily News this morning after an evening of birthday partying last night at Alyeska ski resort, having enjoyed the Telepalooza event. I didn't watch the races, preferring to do my own telemark turns. So, there in the paper sat the results of yesterdays telemark championships.
First place in the women's category was Page Brady, daughter of my very good climbing friends, James and Nancy Brady of Anchorage. But to my surprise, third place in the men's division was a certain 'Paul Kimbrough'. There can't be two of those in the world, I thought, so I gave Tom and Barb a call to confirm my suspicions. Tom answered and acknowledged that it was his scion. And....he did it with a broken hand, without poles, 'cause he couldn't hold them. He told his dad that he couldn't really go all out without the poles!!!!!

So I Googled Paul...

The first article on him shows him upside down a hundred feet in the air jumping a highway in Washington:

"Western Washington University student and aspiring professional skier Paul Kimbrough, 21, spins a 360-degree turn as he leaps the famed Road Gap (from left to right) across the Mount Baker Highway." Seattle Times

The second shows a nice bio and photo. He is listed down the page a bit as THE PLAYER:

And he won the 2009 SIERRA NEVADA TELEMARK FREESKIING CHAMPIONSHIPS. There's a nice photo of him down the page in the winner's circle:
Paul is second from right

If I'd known, I'd surely have watched the race!

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sbt said...

That's neat! it would have been fun to race that!