Thursday, November 6, 2008


After a week climbing at Indian Creek, I drove to Mancos, CO, to visit Fred and Sheri at the Alpacka Factory. Here's the Alpacka Factory on the right.

The Alpacka Factory sits on Sam Perry's ranch, a half of the giant shop in back of the homestead. Here Fred stands at the front door ready for work.

Sheri, owner, designer, and entrepreneur, at the sewing machine.

The new taping/sealing machine shows how professional the new factory is. Here the boat sections are bonded together.
Nick is cutting the silky silicone-coated nylon for the stuff sacks on the 16' cutting table.

A raft in the making: after the tubes are assembled, a floor is attached and spray skirt sealed to the top.
Grab loops are attached with the RF welder.

In the evening Fred took me to his beautiful new home nine miles to the north.
The house is beautiful, inside and out. Here is a beautiful table in the living room. Fred is a master cabinet maker and is building a shop in the back of the house.

As the sun set out his front porch, we enjoyed this great view of the lake in the foreground. It was a wonderful visit.


sbt said...

What a beautiful area! Hopefully Thor & I can visit at some point.

Lonely Anthony said...


Johnny said...

Erica and I are hoping you move to Durango, so that we can come and visit frequently. Driving from Vegas, I always want to stop in Mancos and fish the Mancos River that runs through the middle of the town. It's such a great place. There's actually some awesome singletrack that goes from Lightner Creek all the way to Mancos. Perfect for the SS 29er!