Saturday, June 28, 2008

Seward Highway

The cliffs along Seward Highway south of Anchorage has been honored with the designation, "One of the five worst cragging areas in the U.S." I used to see quite a few folks there, but the numbers seem to have diminished over the years. Patricia and I hit the highway for an afternoon of cragging on the choss. I hadn't been out there in years and had forgotten how much fun even metamorphic junk rock could be. The location is beautiful, right next to Turnagain Arm, second highest tide in the world, with views of the Kenai peninsula across the water. Lots of road noise is a minus. Because the wind was blowing down Turnagain Arm at about 40 knots, we stopped at the sheltered 5.5 Crack group of climbs.

We worked the climbs from north to south. Patricia is honed and it showed in her climbing. She led up aggressively and we ticked off a number of climbs before dinner called.

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